I teach yoga to all kinds of students with different objectives or physical strengths or limitations. 

Over the last 25 years yoga has become an ever deeper practice for me.  The commitment has evolved from attending weekly classes when I was pursuing a busy career in London, to establishing a substantial daily practice. 

In February 2021, I completed the British Wheel of Yoga 200 hour training with Simon Low in Santillan, Spain.

My working life is now completely devoted to teaching yoga, involving constant study and research.   I travel frequently to  work with and learn from established and well-respected teachers internationally.

Vanda Scaravelli wrote in her book “Awakening the Spine”: “To teach is act of love.”  I teach yoga to convey the beauty and nourishment of daily practice as a personal resource and one that resonates throughout all one’s daily interactions.   My intention is to enable students to tap into their own curiosity and develop their own practice with confidence.